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Sunday  9.12.2012

Police response to Defense Driver

Police in response to our actions in dealing with traffic offenses really came with an unexpected finding. 11,000 traffic signs are placed in conflict with the law. We know about them for a long time.
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Sunday  9.12.2012

Iinterview on the Defense Driver

Interview on the defensive driver on the server www.auto.cz.
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We have a specialised service portfolio and offer comprehensive services for business angel investments.

  • Project and project risk analysis
  • Investor search
  • Project search
  • Consultancy on business angel investments
  • Training of entrepreneurs
  • Presentation for investors

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The present time is a huge opportunity for investments and acquisitions. The ever-growing interest among investors in business angel investments motivated us to establish the BA Club and develop an IT system for project and company search and assessment. Every month we also organise a friendly meeting between our clients and investors and discuss the possibilities of further growth of these projects. We would be pleased if you would join these meetings.

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